Why are we still fighting about the past and how can we let go?

I split up with my ex husband nearly five years ago after endless fighting, infidelity (on his part) and his issues w alcoholism. We had been together for over seven years. After we split up, we tries to reconcile numerous occasions but it failed as there were so many issues that we could not move past. He has since moved on in a new marriage and I have a new relationship and although we are still cordial, we are still fighting about things that happened in our marriage. We have a child so we do have to interact. Anyway today he was over here replacing a part on my car and he brought up something that lead to a very emotional argument between us. Both of us got extremely upset. I don't understand why it still hurts both of us when we are supposed to be moved on. We haven't been romantically involved in over two and a half years, this shouldn't even be an issue right? How do we stop fighting about the past and really get over it.


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  • See a counselor and do it for your child. This is harmful to a kid stuck in the middle.


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