How to get over my ex boyfriend?

We broke up 9 months ago! He was my first love, and even though he dated a couple of girls before me, I was his first love as well. We were friends for a while, then did the friends-with-benefits thing, and after about 6 months of just being friends, we started dating. We broke up about 7 months into it, and everything leading up to it was wonderful. We had so much fun together, made each other laugh, we always talked through our problems without fighting and the sex was great. When he broke up with me it felt like somebody had died. I didn't see it coming. I think we both know we could have worked on it because our problems were so trivial. We each solved our personal problems on our own, so in a way I'm thankful for the breakup for that, but I guess I always thought we'd come back together and work it out, but we never have.
We had coffee a couple of times and caught up, and we've had one night where we went out together and then for drinks after and it was amazing. I really don't/didn't think the spark was truly gone. But other than those few instances where we had to see each other (and always got along really well), we don't stay in contact 99% of the time. I unfriended him on facebook and deleted his number from my phone. I've dated and slept with other guys since, (he confessed he hasn't), but even when I've gotten invested, in the end I've never felt the same way about anybody else. When I think I've finally let go, my feelings always come back in time. Everything still reminds me of him. After this much time I know I should be long over it but I'm not. I don't even have the hopes of us getting back together anymore, but I still have the gut feeling that we should be together, even if we're not. Telling me to "move on" does nothing, becuase I KNOW I should be moving on, but it's like I'm stuck in wet cement. I want to move on, and I've done all I can to move on but I can't stop thinking about him. Maybe cause he's my first love? What do I do?


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  • not everyone and not everything is meant to stay in this life , Especially love
    you can make decisions, or you can make excuses to be sad or maybe not. but you can't live your life Coz you'er in an internal struggle with yourself and this may heart you

    First love is always a lesson


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  • Trust me, time WILL heal everything. I know it seems impossible and feels like the heartbreak will last forever. However, there will be someone who will be even better than him, and when someone that great comes along, you'll be fine again.


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  • Push him from behind and as he falls, jump and sit on him, see you are over your EX... 😝. GOOD LUCK...
    AND IF HE ASKS, TAKE MY Name and say, I am just trying to get over you...
    Yeah I didn't read, the long question


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