Have you ever walked away from your family? a loyal woman?

My ex was with me 3 years, I did a lot for him, I stood by him when he had nothing, we was so emotionally close, we was engaged, living together and he also brought up my son as his own for 3 years. We had the most amazing relationship. I know that he adored me and loved me during those 3 years, not sure what changed.

We had a few rows and 2 months ago he walked out on us, I found out I was pregnant with his baby (that we was trying for), and he demanded I get rid of the baby, then said I was lying about being pregnant despite me begging him to see proof.

He turned into a monster, something he never was during the 3 years.

He left me to it and wouldn't speak to me again.

6 weeks later I found out he had a new girlfriend and was flaunting her around on Facebook with my friends still on his FB. But 7 weeks on I don't think things are going as perfect with her.

Now a friend of mine saw a comment on his Facebook saying he spends most of his times 'at mates houses', he now spends most of his time doing his car up, going to car shows and at mates houses. He's 26 next year.

Just wondered from a guys point of view, will he ever regret walking away from us, from his family?, one day the doing cars up will stop and his mates will no longer want to do that?

Have you ever walked away from your family/a relationship in this way and regretted it?


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  • Sorry for what happened to you and wish you can find the right person
    Never happen to me before . but God and life both have greater plans for you that don’t involve crying at night or believing that you’re broken. I am sure.


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