How you know when to trust someone?

After year 15 with me lady she cheat, call me bad names and take my money to give next man. How am i suppose to trust a new lady, if lady in year 15 can't be trust?

I spent 2 decades with person and now it not easy being alone and i can't trust no one. I'm hurt.

How does man move on after girl breaks heart that is yours?

Dating nowadays too confusing.


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  • The only way to know if you can trust someone is to... trust them. Unless they give you a reason not to. Sometimes peoples feeling change over time. Love doesn't come with a guarantee, so you just have to live for the ' here & now' and not worry about what might happen.

    Betrayal is so painful, and sometimes you never get over it. Time just helps you to learn to live with it.

    When you meet someone else... you have to love like you will never be hurt. If you don't , you will never be happy with anyone. Don't allow the hurt your ex caused you , be the reason why you reject the love some other girl wants to give you. If you do then you would be making her pay for your exes mistakes. As well as punishishing yourself.

    Why allow your exes deceit to define you in a negative way , or prevent you from finding happiness with someone else

    I am a very loyal person , and i would feel hurt if i met a guy and he judged me by his exes past mistakes.

    • it difficult cause i spent lots of time on one girl that i wanted to die with now to move on is hard.

      I get through tho. Thanks.

    • You're welcome

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  • Good to know females on earth are open enough to copulate with aliens.

    She got bored, ET. Deal with it.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that.. but true love does exist, keep believing that you'll meet a nice girl soon. Visualise it in your mind that you're going to have one who really loves and cares about you. This is how I do after being hurt. Good luck to you !

    • my ex was nice. then she change on me in a quick sudden.

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  • Knowing same girl since you were 5? I guess she wanted to experience other people, at least there are plenty of other girls out there so don't give up , I'm going through same thing after 16 years of marriage


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