How come guy date cheaters?

girl cheats on ex lover. Current lover expect her be faithful to him. Why?

Girl cheat once, she do it again soon or is doing it already.

why guy think nothing of dating or go far to marry lady if she cheat with you.

No one go to mcdonald and order rotten big mac. You want fresh one. So why you limit self to a cheater person?


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  • You don't believe in forgiveness and second chances? I feel like everyone deserves that. Just because they cheat once, it doesn't mean they will do it again.

    • yea but to cheat on someone who you are currently with. to then be with the person who cheated with isn't right...

      not sure how you cannot see that.

    • Never ever give a cheater a second chance, and that goes for both men and women! Cheater almost always cheat again and your life is far too valuable to waste on someone who cannot be true. There are so many wonderful and interesting people in the world to meet and love that you can always do better than a cheater.

  • guys cheat too... but yeah.. there's way to many cheaters around...


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