Guys, Needs space?

I'm a girl! My ex who needed space calls but make no plans? what should I do as a girl? set a date? should a girl do that too?


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  • How long you've been together? . and do you still care about your ex?

    • yes I still care about him. We have been together for one year.
      The thing is he backed away, I believe because he did not have time alone between the time he left he's ex grilfriend and I, just one week!
      And he had been with her for years. But he told me he no longer has feelings for her, and even got upset when I mentioned it. But still I have my doubts since I myself have been in a long relationship.

      Anyway he called today we talked a little, said I was busy he wanted to know if I wanted to see him still. I said I little next week he should just give me a call to meet up.

      Im not going to booty call, thats a bad idea.
      But I know that he still wants something but not sure what.
      Also If we hang out at my place or his place on that date? I should probably not have sex? He's going to find me to easy to get and hell still be confused or might even definitely kick me out of his life..

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    • I'm happy to know that you've become controlling your feeling and your thoughts+back up plans . that's means a lot of confidence with high of self-esteem .
      just be careful in this relationship , and let your mind (not your heart) decide how things 'll go and everything 'll be okay

    • I'll keep that in mind :) thanks

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  • Try it out. Feel him out. If he's not receptive there may be more to then "needing space" than u think

    • Yes all try I got "balls" . can tell him "nice to hear from you, I'd love to see you when are you free t meet up? "
      And if he is not sure about meeting up I'll just say " hey well give me a call when you want to, go to go.. bye".

      How about that?

    • Hmm. Seems like he's pushing hard. He's prob got another lady in the bank he's cashing in on. All in all, not worth the time unless ur looking for a booty call. pack it up and move on my lady friend. No more games

  • If you want him back boots call him unless he had a big Loss Lately

  • You are obviously not a girl if you had to state that.

    • i should not set a date? if i dont hell keep talking over the phone and well go nowhere.

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