How should I do closure with my ex?

Should I just send her a long text saying everything (becuase she's not going to respond)? I dont know how to do this closure?


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  • Ah I'm sorry to hear that she's unlikely to respond. Ignoring hurts especially from someone you like (I am speaking from experience.)

    I think it would be better for you to write it all out and then delete it. Sometimes right after breakups we panic and go overboard expressing guilt and regret, and find out later we never deserved to feel so badly in the first place. I think you should take a few weeks or so things calm down.

    Of course, there's nothing wrong expressing your thoughts. If you really want to, go for it. But don't let her reaction get to you.


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  • Just walk away dude, move on.
    Closure is irrelevant and over-rated. All it will achieve is turn her off more.
    Take some time to get your head clear, work on yourself and find better

  • It'll be best if you can get her to meet up with you personally. Don't rush for a closure instantly. It can end up badly.

    Personal experience. Lost my lady as both a lover and a friend because I was rushing it.

    Wait out for a few weeks. It can take months. Ask her out for coffee or lunch. Keep it simple

    Closures usually mean. Understanding why the two of you don't work out. And taking the step forward. With the means to cut out all bad blood

    She may not want to be friends with you after closure. Just suck it up and respect her decision. Move on in life. Be the mature one


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