My boyfriend tells me move on, what should I do?

Hi guys, my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me 2 months back. And i was trying to move on but i couldn't. I got a call from him a week back, he told me he still loves me and the break up is affecting him as much as it is affecting me. But he wants me to move on in my life, as he feels he isn't the right guy for me, he feels i deserve much better and he tells me we don't have a future together.
So the thing is that i love him from the core of my heart. And now i know that he also loves me as much.
I really dont know what should i do? Should i move on or wait another two months to see if he comes back.
I really dont know how to move on i really can't focus on anything but him and what he said.
please guys help me out tell me what should i do and if it is time to move on then what are the ways that i can coz i m not a very social person.


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  • It's hard to convince someone who believes it's the best thing to do. So how does one move on? You keep yourself busy. Busy at work, busy working to improve yourself, busy with being a better person and busy finding yourself and being a better friend with yourself. Stay busy and eventually you're life will be filled with joy again.


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  • there's obviously a lot of unresolved issues here. you need to talk to him, and I feel that he might be just feeling he made a mistake, but doesn't know how to fix it.


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  • Been there, he's already decided he's not getting back with you... don't wait, you will just feel like you broke up with him twice

    Most likely, of course if your gut tells you something different, wait 😏


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