Is my ex-boyfriend trying to trick me or am I being paranoid? HELP

Is my ex-boyfriend trying to trick me or am I being paranoid? HELP?

I dated a guy for about four months and only met his friends briefly. My ex-boyfriend and I ended up in bad terms so I no longer speak with him. I tend not to go out a lot so I don't run into him or anyone in his group often. But I was having dinner with some girlfriends a few days ago and I ended up sitting next to my ex- boyfriends best friend by coincidence. The minute I saw him, I politely greeted him and chatted but never brought up my ex.

I went home and check my email only to find a MySpace request from him. How did he find me? He does not know my full name? Also several messages asking how I enjoyed my birthday dinner, wishing me happy birthday a few times and asking me to keep in touch. What's up with that? This guy is the guy he gangs with all the time. They are literally connected at the hip and I have never really interacted with him before.


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  • I honestly don't know for sure. But I would be on my guard. If him and your ex are that close and it didn't end well I'd be wary of future situations with his friends.


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