Guys, I need some advice about what's going on... We have been separated for 11 months?

Okay, my guy and I've been separated for about 11 months we were doing really good and he was allowing me to stay the night after you stay the night all the time and things were going great we even went on a family vacation with our two children at the end of July after that things were okay we didn't start dating yet we haven't even started trying to do that yet but while I was laying in bed next to him are bad he showed me his phone and it was looking on like eBay and he showed me this ring it would like an engagement ring with a wedding band with it and he asked me if I liked it I told him it was a little gaudy he search for another one he showed me that when you say this one looks a little better a little cooler too he showed me and asked me if I liked it I said I like it personally I like it a lot pretty and after you showed me that about a week later few days later not quite sure he said that I was spending too much time over there at the house so I had to go back to my apartment we still had sex we've always had sex since we separated and I know that he's in love with me he's told me before you know at the very beginning he told me he wasn't in love with me and then the truth came out that he was still in love with me he said that he does want to get back together but not right at the moment I have to prove the fact that I can be an independent person and be able to stand on my own not exactly sure what that means but I've been doing the best I can I think I'm doing pretty well he keeps telling me that I'll be doing good and he gets to a point where he's always wanting to want to ask me to come back home and then he says they do something stupid or silly or I'm not quite sure where it pisses him off and then he didn't want it again and then I have to start all over again every single time I know you want me home I know he wants me I know you want to be together because through this whole time he hasn't dated anybody out he hadn't seen anybody else.


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  • 11 months is a long time, I would take it slow and see how things pan out.

    • Even if we have still been having sex and asked by him to stay over? He will be happy with me one sec and then upset with me the next... I really miss my family so much and I want to be able to go home...

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