How did he get all the happiness?, please read?

I was with my ex 3 years, I did loads for him, I loved him at his worst time and when he noone and nothing (including no car).
We lived together, was engaged, he also brought my son up as his own for 3 years, and we had only just booked our wedding 3 weeks before he left.
He just uped and left us, I found out I was pregnant after he left (after trying for a baby for a while), he REFUSED to see any proof despite me asking him even offering him a scan picture, he said it was lie, I was broken how he could think it was a lie, we've lost a baby before and this was a previous time we split but he was there during that. In the end he went around telling people I 'lied' which humiliated me and devastated me..
I eventually had a termination which broke my world but I knew it was what's best.
My ex then proceeded (purposely or not) to stick the knife in even further, he got a new girlfriend 6 weeks after we split, turned out it was one of his exs from 2007 time. He then decided to sell my sons car seat on his Facebook for all to see. He then demanded I move out our joint house and give him the furniture he brought (some joint) back, which would of left me with nothing and no home.
He's just got on with his life without a care in the world, he never spoke to me and my son again and my son had no explanation, at 5 started wetting the bed again he was broke. My ex hasn't looked back and is living his happy life with this ex of his. So I wondered how come I got all the unhappiness and someone as cruel as him gets all the happiness?, is it selfish to feel angry watching someone who destroyed our life so happy? Does karma even exsist?


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  • If it's any consolation I'm going through the same to some degree, my soon to be ex wife is moving out with my kids, dogs and all the furniture that I bought way back into a house with the guy she was seeing all this time while married and will get half my paycheck leaving me in the house to sell it and I will have nothing left while she gets to live a nice life while I'm miserable. So I hope their is such thing as karma


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  • You can be happy too but you have to try and stop thinking about him and the way he is living his life. I believe that's what's causing your unhappiness. Yeah it sucks that he left but trust me there is someone out there that is way better then him who will never leave you like that. The best revenge that you can give is moving on with your life and being happy, and trust me that makes people angry.


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  • Karma is not real, it is all in your head. He is either very happy and completely over you or he is portraying happiness on the outside but feels something else on the inside.


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