I can't move on, feeling like I want to give up, please help me?

I was with my ex for 3 and half years, we had the most emotionally close relationship ever, we spent most of our time together, we lived together, was engaged, and he brought my son up as his own for 3 years, they had the most amazing bond ever. He was my rock through everything the good and the bad. After a few arguements and him saying I was accusing him of cheating he left me, just walked away, I then found out I was pregnant and he said I was lying, I tried to force him to see proof and he wouldn't, so eventually I had a termination which I still can't come to terms with. He never spoke to me again and refused to come with me to the termination, and 6/7 weeks after we split he had someone new, which turned out to be his ex from over 8 years ago (he's had quite a fee gfs since her) and was having family days out with her and her child, that quickly, there was pictures of them plastered on Facebook and it broke my heart. He also told people I lied about being pregnant which humiliated me when I had proof he wouldn't see. Even though he's done the worst things to me, I miss him beyond belief and i am struggling to deal with the end, I feel so alone, I lost most of my friends while with him, watching him so happy is tearing me apart inside, I had to cancel my own wedding after having booked it and watch him happy with his 'ex' as it's plastered all facenook. Book people have told me. I feel like I will never move on😣 it's destroying my life and all I want to do is be by myself, any advice on this situation would be so appreciated. I feel like giving up. .


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  • sorry for what happened to you but I am optimistic for you that you 'll become a wise person after what you've been through

    Now you starting your journey to discover yourself. but don`t give up for now
    It may take some time like my grandma dessert... =) , but the end 'll be so sweet
    when you lose someone or something, don’t think of it as a loss, but as a gift that lightens your load so you can better travel the path meant for you

    Good luck <...


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  • First and foremost, this isn't your fault that he walked away. Don't beat yourself over a guy who doesn't know how to be mature. If he moved on that quickly and didn't want to admit that you were having a child, then I'd say the acquisition about him having someone may have been correct. Just cause Facebook says he's happy, I wouldn't believe it. If he was lying to you, why should social media be any different?

    Break ups are most difficult on the one who cares the most, but there is a much brighter side to see in this: you can focus your caring on you and your son. There are other, better guys out there. Take some time and spend it with family and friends. They know he was full of himself and that you are better off without him. They can't mend your heart or take away the pain immediately, but they will certainly help you through it.

    All that said, and while it will take time for you to heal, it will work out in the end. You control your life, not him. Eventually, you will find that companionship you are longing for, and he will love you instead of emotional abuse you.

  • You seriously have to move on, meet another guy, a better and amazing guy. Your ex is not the finest piece of ass on this earth, trust me.


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