Hi. My ex brings up hurtful things I said when we brokeup, but says he's not hurt. I begged the same day, but NC since. will he come back?

When we started dating, he said he had never felt like this before and it scared him some. He had me meet his parents on the third date, was talking about proposing by the fourth. He told me I was different. He only hooks up with drunk party girls but said he loved that I was stable etc. He once said "you look at me how I always wanted someone to look at me." We brokeup a few weeks ago, but he was trying to contact me every day after that. I finally apologized for saying some hurtful things after almost three weeks of no contact.. he was messaging me right back but then went cold. Then tried to make me jealous by sending me a picture of another girl, but then said it was his roommates girlfriend after I freaked out. We ended things this last week, he said he "wasn't hurt or upset" but kept bringing up things I said when I freaked out. I begged and pleaded that day but haven't contacted him since. I just told him I was so incredibly sorry. Does he still care? Will he ever come back? Please help me.


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  • I am sorry for what happened to you. there's a small chance to get back together. but there's no way to change the mentality of your ex and that's 'll coz "relationship abuse"
    it seems to me the more you forgive him, the less he respect you
    So, you've to start living your life the way you like and the way you won't
    coz not everyone and not everything is meant to stay together in life. and you'll got what you want soon or later.

    Good luck

  • This is one sick relationship. Just end it and move on


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