How do you know if your boyfriend is over his ex?

If when she was talking to another guy about them texting, he was staring with a straight face almost like he was mad, and he says he likes her being around, does he still have feelings for her?

they hang out because they have the same friends but they don't talk out of when they hang out because he screwed her over& I think he knows she won't give him another chance. But he told his friends he likes being around her
and I know he always told her he thought he was in love with her because he never felt the way he felt about her, towards another girl. I know that could change and he could like me more but that's just information.
& him and me were watching a movie the other day with some of our friends she's not friends with and he invited her and her best friend who were outside swimming , to come in and watch it with us


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  • he seems to still be into his ex. if he is bringing her into you and him time he wants to spend it with her rather than with u. I think he is using you being around as his girlfriend to show her that he is moving on when he hasnt.

    • But he tells me he loves me and she used to be jealous of us being best friends when they were dating and she didn't trust him even though he told her we were just friends so she dumped him and then me and him started dating about a week after. so he had feelings with me when he was dating her, or so he says. or do you think he was using me right after to get back at her? me and him hang out a lot and she's not always there but when we're together and she's in the same house, he wants her with us

  • could you give more examples of his behaviour around her. like does he get exciteed when she calls?

    and why are they still hanging out? friends or intentionally tries to be around her?

    • I updated the details, please read!

    • It sounds like he picked you to date becasue she was jealous of u. lots of guys do that. and every time she is around he asks her to be around. if he didn't care abouot her he would stop trying to get her around. when its just you guys. he can't ask her to be around. but I'm sure if she was around everyday he would ask her everyday just to spend time with her.

    • Ya, he was talking to her friend yesterday about Ryan Seacrest, who's name is danielle by the way, thinks is hot. & he was asking danielles friend if danielle thought ryan was hot because she's a big fan of his.. & I'm just wondering why he would care who she finds attractive.. they aren't dating anymore. and danielles friend, Sophie told me about this because she's good friends with me too and she didn't show concern but she's also pretty oblivious about things.

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