Weird pain from my chest?

A couple of months ago I was out eating with my boyfriend, and everything was going great we got our food, I took a couple of bites.. and then I started getting a weird pain from my chest shooting up my neck and across my left shoulder and down my left arm. it hurt terribly bad for a couple of hours and I didn't even eat. we just went back to his place and I laid on the couch. A couple of days ago, I had the same type of pain but it only lasted about half an hour, and it only hurt my chest, neck, and shoulder on my left side again. What could this be, is it heart burn?


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  • heart burn shouldn't affect your shoulder.

    it might be contaminated food


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  • You should see a doctor and no its not heart burn.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • Its not heart burn. If it was a heart attack you would deff know, Next time it happens raise your right arm and see if you can get it past your head If not then that's what it could be. It could be also some gas or nerve or Muscle spaz you are haveing. But either way, you should still get a hold of a doctor and see for sure what's going on.

  • um.. sounds like this prob my grandma has.. try drinkin sum pop untill you burp and see if you feel better, if not then you could be having like a heart attack are sumthing and you should deff go to ER


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