Should I stay or should I go?

Here's the deal: My boyfriend and I broke up (1.5 years) and shortly afterwards, I became interested in a long time friend. The interest is mutual, but I don't know if it can go anywhere. I do love my ex and if he were to know, I think it could ruin all chances of us getting back together. On the same note, I don't know if I would or should get back with my ex. My friend lives in the same state, but in another city. He insists on me visiting him because his job won't allow him to visit for some time. I want to visit, but I'm worried it might ruin chances of him taking me seriously in the future. He says that's not the case, but we do know at this point in time, a relationship would not be convenient for either of us. Should I visit him or not?


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  • No fair hanging on to one just in case the other doesn't work out. It will p*ss you off to no end when a guy does that to you. (Notice, I did NOT say IF!)

    Sounds like you are more into your ex than the long-time friend you have a mutual interest in.

    Before you decide whether ot go see the 'friend' or not (would this really be an issue of he were just a friend?), ask yourself honestly if you really want a relationship with him or with your ex. Put yourself in either of their shoes when you communicate your decision to the one you will be saying goodbye to.


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  • just f***ing go

    • Your subtlety is much appreciated.

    • Srry

    • All good. It actually made me smile ;).

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