Is this considered karma? Actually shaking while writing it, it is long and tried to explain as best I could, what have I done?

Been dumped 2 years and in 2 years had been mocked and ridiculed by ex lover and his girlfriend so I changed my number Found out ex has just had a baby and playing happy families but still trawling dating sites even contacted me once or twice for put downs of course. Those two made fun of me when I was at my lowest, my teenage daughter had tried to commit suicide and was getting prank windups from them and constant abuse about I was this and that and I was a bad mum, now she is at least 10 years younger than me whilst he is 4 years younger as he is nearly 30. I can't help but feel happy but sad at the same time she is in her early 20s and already has a child to another man, and by looks of things has pretty much set her future up as if he's trying to mess around while she's pregnant it won't last unless she's a crazy idiot for allowing it. now it isn't my business that but what is was he attempted to contact me few weeks ago which means she was pregnant at the time via a dating website, I just ignored him called him a loser and didn't know she was pregnant or I'd have given him what for! I was telling a man all about it and why I'm wary of men, unbeknown to me he was friends with my exes girlfriend, I didn't know her never met her or even knew her name! Coincidental perhaps? So I only found out he had baby yesterday.. he deleted her from Facebook and added me says what she done was terrible. Now I'm worried I've now broken up there family if it gets out he is on these sites ESP if she has just had a baby.. I know I should laugh my head off at the hell those 2 idiots put me through but I feel guilty, why didn't I keep my mouth shut, but my friends have told me I have nothing to be ashamed of and reminded me of the horrible things they put me through and at times I wanted to end my own life because of it.. I think in some way it's karma justice but I don't want to hurt anyone not like that anyway.. I'm confused I feel terrible-should I be?
Clarify I really didn't know this man was this girls friend, I'd only told him the story as he thought I was weird ing out on him, when I told him he asked for exes name to see if he himself knew my ex.. turns out it was the girlfriend he knew.. I know I shouldn't be ashamed I've done nothing wrong, but my ex will say oh she's crazy she was stalking us this is revenge, that's not my style ESP not to someone whose just had a baby.. I'm scared


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  • You're in your 30's? Grow the hell up and be a adult. I would expect this from someone in middle school.

    • what to get harassed? to deal with my daughter that tried to kill herself, to get prank phone calls? to constantly get abuse, so when someone asks me what is wrong I should say nothing..

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