Should I break up with my boyfriend? all we do is fight.

We have been together for fourteen months and we are living together, to my knowledge he hasn't actually cheated on me, but he goes away to his aunts house whenever we fight and when he comes back he is always talking to this one girl who lives near his aunt. One time he asked me to find a number out of a text that he had sent. By accident I came across one he sent to that girl that said hey do you want to come over and have some fun with me I'm fighting with my girlfriend. I think he is cheating but I don't know. The other big thing is he goes out every night and ignores me. He tells me one thing and then does another. He never asks me to go hang out with him and gets mad when I want to come. His constantly ignoring me causes us to fight a lot. He also lies to me. They are just little lies that really have no meaning but the point is he is still doing it. I feel like I'm on the brink of nuclear war when I'm with him. He came home the other night and told me he had misplaced his phone but had totally contradicted that story by telling me his aunt had called him in the time frame that his phone had been apparently missing. He expects me to do absolutely everything. He expects me to cook for him and to go get a drink for him and he expects to do all the cleaning and to do his laundry. He constantly makes me cry and makes me feel like sh*t all the time. Some days I feel like he is treating me more like his mother than his girlfriend. Did I mention all he does is sit on his butt and play video games all day and has no ambition to do anything. Am I stupid to think that this relationship is going nowhere? Should I get out of it now.

Well here's an update since last night he has decided that going out and getting drunk is more important than even trying to attempt to fix things with me. He is being a complete d*** to me. He called me a bitch and told me to go to bed if he came home he
came home but if not then he would talk to me whenever he got a chance. I'm sick of being treated like sh*t and my friends are telling me that maybe I should just stick it out and wait until we talk, but I'm so fed up I have started packing his stuff.
I can't even break up with him his answering machine is full and he doesn't always get my texts. Things are getting worse by the day.


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  • Do it up front, and in Person, tell him EVERYTHING you feel, ask him to SHUT UP because you are talking when he tries to interrupt. tell him all the things YOU FEEL he's done wrong, and I swear, he will understand.

    I broke up with my boyfriend not five hours ago, I had him sitting on the floor crying his eyes out, asking me "why haven't you told me this before?" (Because he wouldn't ever listen)

    - We were fighting everyday because he made such big plans to do, and how the day would pan out, and that we would have sex at the end of every night, I know so, because he ALWAYS layed it out for me the second I walked into the door (talk about ruining a moment).

    He'd go: We're going to eat some nice food, drink some good wine, hit the showers and it will all be GREAT, then we end things in the bedroom, you give me a little sum'n sum'n, and I blow your brains out...

    - Yeah, sweet talkin'... my ass!

    anyways, He told me he NEVER cries, that he couldn't... He did, and I know he loves me, and I told him to "Love me and let me go" and maybe someday in the future we'll see what happens, but not now, - not for a long while.

    Breaking up with him was the best thing I have ever done for our relashionship. Now we are taking a long break, he's letting me breathe and talk about what I want to do as well. he's not comparing us to some hollywood-movie now, breaking up with him finally made him see the relashion ship and realize that we had none, I was never included into any plans until last minute, and then it always felt like more like a schedule...


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  • Yeah get out of it for all the reasons you've mentioned. It sounds totally unbalanced.


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  • Well one thing to remember what's done in the dark come to light. So if he is really cheating on you it will come to the light. If you love him I think you should try to work thing out because every relationship goes through up and down. Do you think you could forgive him for cheating on you? Or are you going to move on with your life. That what you need to start thinking about


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