Is being good with kids good?

So a friend of mine's son who is 6 is always asking about me, I talk on the phone with him, play games, he asks if we can have a "play date", haha. Anyways, my girlfriend thinks its cute.

Also when I went home, my neighbors kids are always asking about me, if I can play or come over, which I couldn't the last time I was there. Again, my girlfriend thought it was cute.


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  • Girls love a guy that's good with kids, so yes, I think its good :)


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  • i think it's a very good thing. it's cute! just don't spend more time with the kids than your gf. my ex did that. I tried not to be selfish about it but I did ha...i mean, when I have kids, different! but don't let those kids interrupt time with your gf, she might get to a pt where she feels left out.

  • I think it's super cute, I mean, I'm not even a big fan of kids but somehow I tend to like guys who are good with children, who play with them and all that... It must be some kind of instinct, I think it's cute and attractive, makes me ike the guy more instantly...


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