Girls, ex won't let me get over her?

its been a year since she broke up. She is 21
We had the most wonderfull relationship, and she would talk a lot about how we should move in together when I found a job in her city. We both knew we would end up being married someday.
Never any real issues or fights during our 8 months relationship.
As you can understand the breakup literally came out of nowhere. We had the most wonderfull weekend, and she even left me a love note about how I was the man of her dreams. Next week she started a new school, and suddenly she "lost feelings for me" and all I was worth was a text message.

I still dont understand what happend but I've been trying to move on
The first 2 months I tried to keep contact with her, but she was very cold in her replies.
After that I have gone No Contact and removed her from all social medias.

But is is like she dont want me to forget about her.
Every 2-3 months or so, I get a text from her. Suddenly she wants to know how I am doing, and is all happy to talk to me again. Re-adds me on Facebook, being flirty and says she wants to hang out. Stupid as I am I get my hopes up, but she seems to loose all interrest again after a day or 2.

Again, I remove her from all social medias, and the story repeats itsself 2-3 months later.

Why won't she let me forget her? Am I stupid for getting my hopes up every time?
This time I have blocked her completely, but I know that in a month or 2 I am going to get a text again, and I know I will be getting my hopes up again.


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  • Keep blocking her and Keep her Blocked, even Block her from your cell. As wise as I am here, dear, this is nothing but a Full circle problem pattern with her and it is never going to stop until You... Give in to her whimsy.
    And even then, my friend, even if you would, she will never change after the fact, and there goes the merry go round with the girl from this town that will always treat you like a bozo and clown.
    She wants you in her back pocket as always her Ace in the hole that she knows will always be there for her when ever she has her ups and downs in life or with another, which I am sure she has plenty of them around somewhere in every cozy corner factor.
    Closet his chapter, I am throwing in your closure with free Advice... BLOCK EVERYTHING.
    Good luck and Good riddance to her. xx

    • Is it stupid of me to think that she actually still have some sort of feelings for me, but is just confused about what ot do with it? Maybe because of the fact that I have now moved to her city, and we would no longer be limited by the distance.

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    • lol!!! Just a saying.. sounds like u may be right. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • Don't reply to her text when she texted you again. I used to do this to my ex, the worst mistake i have ever made. Anyway, just ignore all her calls and text and get over her. Go out meet new people, hang out with your friends

    • Thanks for your reply.
      Guess I am just trying to understand WHY she does it. There is a reason behind every action we take...

    • When she leaves you she found someone new and when she comes back she started to get bored with that someone and you're an easy target.

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