Why did this hurt so much? any tips on moving on?

Basically I was with this boy for over 2 months. we broke up for one week somewhere in the middle. he was the first person I was inlove with. he's the first person I ever spoke to about my depression and things like that. actually the only person I ever felt like I could speak to about it... He cheated on my around three weeks ago. broke up with me. told me it was because of my anixety then because I was too frigid then finally because he cheated on me and didn't want me to be as hurt when I found out...

Weeks have gone and I still really like him. and it honestly kills me when I see him. and he's so happy now. which makes it ten times worse. I've literally been depressed about it all because of some of the things I said up there ^^

Please be honest am I overreacting? And how can I get over him?
I get so sad when I think about our last kiss... or how he used to look at me vs how he does now..


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  • We can't just switch off our emotions, man I wish we could. There is basically no way to protect ourselves from the actions of others, especially if you love them so deeply. But that is the fantastic risk we all run, being betrayed or finding someone who can love us more than we sometimes can love ourselves. The pain, I promise, will go away, but it won't disappear. It's not meant to. We remember those people we loved, when they gave us hope, when they broke our hearts, so when we find the right one, we know the lessons from the past so our future can be better. It's great you had found someone that you could talk to who could understand you. But he won't be the last one who will be able to do that. And here's the best part, there will be a guy out there for you who will understand you, love you, and never betray you the way you had been. There is honestly no excuse for cheating, so don't look at this as a defeat, but a victory that you deserve better.
    I don't think you're overreacting because your feelings are normal. People think the longer you were with someone, the longer it takes to get over them. This is sort of true. But I feel like the harder you loved them, the harder it is to get over them. You could have dated for only a few weeks and still feel that pain a year later. People have that effect on us. Just remember the lessons of the past and let time take it's course. Time is a great sifter of things and will easily let you know what your life is really about: you and not him. You don't need to get over him, but you do need to move past him. Date other people. Hang out with your friends and family. Spend time doing things that make you happy. The pain won't disappear but you can embrace the truth, that you are a strong person whose love is not so easy to dissipate in the face of others weakness. And someday, maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday a guy will come along and see that strength and beauty that you are and you will almost be terrified you thought so much about the other guy. Remember, this is how it was meant to happen because you aren't with him, so try not to think on him. This is you time so focus on yourself for a little bit. There's nothing wrong with that. I believe in you Anon. Stay strong

    • Wow, thank you so much. This makes a lot of sense... Or- at least I think it does... You're completely right. Thank you again

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  • He sounds like an A***hole. The fact that he had to break up with you because of your sickness. At least we know he prob won't do well with marriage vows. You are better off without him, trust me. I know you feel sad right now, but trust me.. there is a wayy better guy than him behind the corner.


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  • Tall and handsome. Quasi relationship.

    • what?

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    • well yes... but he's also sweet, witty, intelligent, funny, charismatic and just fun to be around...

    • "but he's also sweet, witty, intelligent, funny, charismatic and just fun to be around..." That's just generic bullcrap which is usually assigned to good looking people. Most of time half of these things are not there, but if they appear to be, it's due perception of one's good looking face.

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  • You are not gonna forget about him super fast cuz you are human is normal that you still like him, so be patient, give yourself some time, I won't lie it will be hard but is gonna get better, try to keep yourself busy


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