Am I the only one that hates being pitied?

When my girlfriend broke up with me, she mainly said things to ease her guilt (which actually made me more mad than anything, it shows low integrity) and it felt like she was talking to me as if I lost all hope in life. Anyone else?


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  • It's interesting. Girls think emotionally and they think that these comments are helping/pointing you in the right direction moving on.
    They have no idea how condescending they come off sounding.
    It's just the way it will always be

    • I agree, but it's mostly to ease their own guilt and to make themselves believe they're not a bad person (not saying they are, but their self respect is low). When I reject a girl, I just straight up tell her I'm not interested, regardless of her feelings. People don't get to where they want to be in life by hearing what they want to hear. I've been rejected by women that do the same, and that's why we're still friends. I knoe women think emotionally, but it's that way of thinking that gets them in more trouble than it's worth.

    • a lot of young girls do it...
      It's also because they are still mentally weak and unsure of what the guys reaction will be.
      Every girl has had that one guy that just won't go away and becomes a nuisance

  • I hate being pitied even by family, absolutely hate. It makes you feel worse, and drags down your confidence, stand up and act against it! :)


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