What do I do with myself?

My boyfriend and I have finally broken up. I constantly tried to break up with him because I was unhappy in our relationship and it was obvious that things will never change. He would always complain about who I am and what type of woman he wanted me to be. I feel like he only put up a fight to be with me for his own personal convenience, like sex and company. We also have a daughter on the way in January. We used to text all the time and starting a couple days ago, he stopped texting me as often. The last time he text me was at 9am (this morning); it is now 3:44pm.

It hurts that it's finally official and it looks like he's letting go. I got tired of him getting drunk, calling me a b*tch, fighting me, forcibly having sex, telling me I was less than a woman, that I don't love our daughter, falsely accusing me of cheating/flirting, flirting with females through texts and in my face, treating others better than me and always belittling my character. He never wanted to take me out or treat me like his lady in public. He would put his earphones on and rather zone the world out than converse with me. I'm so depressed because I'm so used to his presence. I don't want my depression to go to my child and that's another reason why I wanted to pull away from him. I'm suffering mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What do I do?


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  • Listen up... It's easy to get caught up in a toxic relationship, and it also can be addicting... The best thing that ever happened to you trust, is for you two to have broken up... You need somebody that's going to love you and accept you for you... Not put you down.
    I know you're pregnant with his child, and those hormones are acting on your emotion... But the best thing you can do is focus your mind, attention, and energy elsewhere.
    I know its easier said than done to let people or things go... But this has to be a choice and a conscious decision... and if you're willing to make it a choice and a decision this will allow you to resolve you need to move forward. Open your mind to a free range of positive possibility... you are going to have a beautiful child come into the world... And that child will depend on you to be his or her everything.
    Your life is not over, it's only beginning... And for the better. The next man you meet, and you will meet others... Consider it a red flag when he starts putting you down, that he is not for you. There is only one person that sets your self worth, and that you... If anyone tries to lower their value or make you feel less than what you feel you deserve... That's an indication that this person wants to tear you down instead of build you up and that kind of man is never the right person for you.

    • This is the honesty that I truly needed to hear. In tears right now. I'll take heed to your advice. Thank you!

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    • I went to sleep (just now) to ignore my pain and looked to see that he called five times. I want him out of my life but I want him in his daughters life. You're awesome though. I wish I had a friend like you. I will try my best to give him to God. Thank you!

    • Good call... Your child deserves to know their father... Allow him to "visit his child and be a part of the child's life"... But you my dear deserve better, and you don't want to let that child be exposed to someone mistreating you... This is not what love is or how relationships should be embellished in the eyes of a child.
      I went through the same thing for similar reasons, I have custody of my girl, and her mother visits... I've moved on and am now with a woman who loves me with all her heart, it feels good... Your day will come too! 😊
      Just please, for yourself and your child, cut your emotional ties with him... You deserve more!

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  • First thing to do is to do nothing. Just take some time out for yourself. Re-establish who YOU are and what YOU want. Make plans for your daughter, gather things together that she will need. Clothes, toys, cot, bathing things etc. Use the next 3 or 4 months to plan your life together.

    Once she is safely here, it will be hard work for you, but by then you will be strong enough to cope. Then you can start to think about another guy. A decent guy. They are about.

    • Thank you. I really needed that advice.

    • Always welcome! Us GAGers are always about if you need to talk more.

      Take care, stay safe!! Look after the babe!!

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  • Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Make sure you have friends and family to support you.

    • Unfortunately I don't have any friends and my mom is negative but thank you.

    • Then make some new friends somehow.

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