Has a ex that broke up with you, ever try to come back to you?

If so.. did they before that ever say things like they wouldn't ever date you again? also did you give the relationshop another chance?


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What Girls Said 1

  • My ex broke up with me December 2013 after a 5 month relationship and since then I have a new boyfriend (of one year so far!). Recently he's been trying to get back with me: sending me videos of 'our old song', saying things how he wish he never let me go and it was a bad mistake and is my current boyfriend the one for me.

    I would never get back with him because a. I'm in a new and 1000 times better relationship and b. I believe an ex is an ex for a reason!

    But I guess it depends why he broke it off with you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't pay attention to words, just actions. I've seen so many women say they will never talk to someone again than fuck them months later..
    It's funny what people do when they get lonely

    • Yup... so many women will say "I'll never date him again" and then a few months, maybe a year later.. they ar in love with the person again

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