Should I stay hopeful or forget him? How to forget a guy you had a great connection with?

Back in December I met a guy online (it was a chat forum, we weren't looking for romance), we clicked. We talked all day + night AND we found out that we literally lived 30 mins away from each other. The only problem was that we were talking during December break, and he had to go back to school within the week which was 2+ hours away. There was no time to meet then, but we promised each other we'd keep in touch. We kept an on/off relationship till June (we did Skype sometimes), when he came back home and we decided want to meet. I would ask to meet, and he would make up an excuse. I finally go tired and said either we meet or this is over, and he chose to end it.

He messaged me at the beginning of September and apologized, I accepted (this was a mistake I know). We started talking again, from literally morning till night. Then we finally met up for coffee.

Here is where it gets interesting. I have never had a boyfriend, and he's had one girlfriend. He asked if he could be the first to kiss me and I said yes. We ended up making out in my car, and it got pretty hot and heavy. We definitely had a strong connection once we kissed. Neither wanted to stop. After we both left, we ended up texting/ snapping the rest of the day, and we were both happy with what had happened and each other. After that, he stopped. I messaged him later asking if he was alright, and how Im concerned about stopping talking to him again. He basically told me that once he has to go back to school, it we'll probably stop talking just cause long distance sucks. He also said it would be better because he doesn't want to hurt me again.

The thing is I can't stop thinking about him. I want to be hopeful and think he'll contact me/ felt the same way. Should I be hopeful? Should I forget him? How do i forget? Sorry this is so long!

Also I will say, it kinda sounds like Im clingy, but seriously i let him have so much space. I hate chasing guys and I feel like that's what Im doing, I'm miserable!
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