What can help me get over my ex?

Its 4 am now and Green Day began playing on pandora. Green day is my exes favorite band, so he would always play it. I keep thinking about him and i can't help it. I poured my all into our relationship, I fought for us, i fought for him. I did everything to keep him. He told me i was his everything, he couldnt live without me. But now he's moved onto another girl and i think it was me who won all the 'i love you more' fights. it was me that dealt with his bullshit and it was me that put everything into our relationship. she didn't deal with what i did for him. When i am older and i have a daughter, and she's crying over a boy, he will be the story I tell her. He will be the one i tell her about, how much i loved him, how he made me feel. I'll tell her how heartbroken i was but that i got through it. I just haven't gotten through it yet. I'll never tell her how i will always think of him. When you love someone as strongly as i did, when you give your all and bare your soul to someone like i did, when they leave and shatter your heart the way he did, he will always have a piece of my heart, no matter how much i hate him to this day. I hate him so fucking much, but i am ashamed to say, i miss him, with all my fucking heart. I need help getting over him.


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  • Maybe you were a rebound like me!
    Hey if he says its nothinf against you he probably means it. The truth is that he is not that into you.

    It happened to me. But hey, I'm suffering too but tonight I have to see him and I will be taking the final step saying it is over.
    Like my dad told me a man who loves you will give the world to see you and be with you. If he hesistates, it's not a good sign.

    You're just 16 :) don't worry now you'll have other experiences some really good and others always more devastating. But always be strong!


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