We broke up yesterday afternoon and for dumb reasons?

So my ex girlfriend broke up with yesturday afternoon over the phone. We are long distance by three hours. the reasons why we broke up are a litlle stupid from what everyone is telling me. She felt an emotinal disconnect when we are apart and also the disance is very hard on her too. That is also hard on me too. But she is worth the heartache to fight for her. I asked a few hours later if she had time to talk. She called me about ten mins later. I told her how I felt about her and she is worth fighting for and yeah made my self even more vuinerable then I have with anyone before. I asked her of she thought I was worth fighting for too and she said yes also. She is worried about the samething happening again not working on the comunication and the samething repeating its self again. So after this converation we had she has a lot to think about and she said that she will talk to me in a few days. If she doesn't get back to me by like Thursday or soonier then i know im not worth fighting for, for her. what are your thoights?
I was going to mail her a book that she left here last weekend when she was up to visit. I was thinking of writing a letter and putting it in the book your thoughts?


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  • was with my boyfriend for 3yrs, long distance (3.5 hrs away). we broke up because we were immature and jealous and were emotionally detaching a bit from life stresses, etc. it was completely devastating. we didn't speak for months afterwards and he was dating someone else, eventually i started dating someone else. he broke up with the girl he was dating and after over 2 years of us being broken up he chased me again and said he will never feel the same way about anyone else. i left the person i was with because i didn't have those same feelings for him, and 2 years 3 months after the break up we got back together. its been over a year since weve gotten back together and we moved in together a month ago and couldnt be happier. two people that are meant to be together will be no matter what life throws at them. maybe you need a break from each other to realize what you have.

    • Only time will tell I guess, she knows my feelings and she has to figure out hers now.

    • exactly and it may not happen in the timing you want it to but if she's meant to be with you, she will.

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  • My thoughts are Long Distance Relationships are a waste.


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