I keep having dreams of my ex?

Every night since my mom died I've had dreams about her and now since my breakup I dream about my ex too. Last night both of them were in my dreams over and over again. I feel so sad today. Why do I keep dreaming of them?


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  • you miss them. They were your security, your safety and now you are pining for that bubble back. It doesn't mean you miss your ex, it means you miss the environment he created for you.

    this will soon go. I am sorry to hear about your mum. I hope you are ok xx

    • I am missing the happy times I had with both of them ): I've had good and bad days since losing them. I just wish I could go back and change everything.

      Thank you. I'm not great but not awful either.

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    • He has a lot of baggage. I don't know a lot of his past but do know an ex hurt him very badly. Since her he has a hard time loving anyone. I wish I was the right girl for him because I could see my future with him..

    • my boyfriend was the same way but that being said we have always had heat...

      drop me a PM... tell me some more about how long ago it was etc... lets see if we can salvage this for you x

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  • You keep dreaming of them because you lost them and want them back.

    <3 So sorry about the loss of your Mom.

    The pain from your ex will heal, you'll grow stronger with time and eventually find someone better.

  • Hi,
    It sounds difficult. But I guess it's normal you miss your mom and maybe on another less important level you miss your ex too.
    If it persists, maybe find some help to get someone to share your pain.

    Also concerning you ex, If he dumped you, honey move on. Someone will love you more. But take your time cause right now you are down and men sense that and can take advantage of that and in the end you'll end up feeling worse.
    Hang out with your friends, have activities, make yourself beautiful. And take you time before falling in love.


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