My friend is seeing a guy I think is a snake?, do you agree?

Sorry this is long and complicated, please read..

My best friend Lisa recently got back with a guy she was with briefly in 2007 time, I don't 100% know the full ins and out of back then but I think he cheated on her.

The guy my friend got back with turned out to of only just got out a 3 and half year relationship 6 weeks before he got with her, he lived with a girl, was engaged and had only just booked his wedding, this guy had also brought another girls child up (not his child) as his own for 3 years. From what I can gather he just uped and left this little boy and this ex of his and never spoke to them again.
I went for a coffee with Lisa a few weeks ago and she told me this guy she has got back with ex girlfriend found out she was pregnant with this guy, apparently this guy just said she was lying, lisa said the girl begged him to see proof and he refused to see any instead just carried on saying she was lying, my friend said her boyfriend would switch between telling his ex to 'get rid of the baby' and saying she was lying, I felt sorry for her as she ended up having a termination alone, his family tried to make this girl and her child homeless and this guy tried to take atl the possesions out the house, after playing dad to the child for 3 years.

A few weeks later my best friend posted a picture of her, her child (who is the same age as the child this guy brought up) and this new guy having a day out at the zoo!!, i was mortified my best friend has let this guy meet her son so soon. I can't get through to her that he played dad to a child for 3 years and gets with her within 8 weeks of splitting up and meets her child so quickly is not normal.
When they first got together this new guy had her plastered all over Facebook and had a picture of them two as his profile pic, few weeks on and he's changed it to something else like he's loosing interest.
I keep trying to make her see he moved on far to quickly and if he could be that cruel to an ex of 3 years and a child he brought up for 3 years he's scum.

Am I the only one who sees this?
Please help how can I make her see?


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  • I say this all the time because its TRUE! sometimes people don't want to be helped... and you have to accept it. even warning her might give her the impression that you're jealous I don't understand why but that happens more between girls, then with guys because girls SHOULD BE FRIENDS but. all I can tell you is ask her if she's happy, and that would be all.. just don't become her blanket and pillow too many times with this guy because he's scum... Maybe if he starts to show past actions have her write all these things down and hopefully before its too late she can get out before she can

    • Do you think he's using my friend as a rebound?

    • no but he might

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  • I agree. He seems to me moving on too quickly and isn't strange he only dates women with kids? Maybe not..
    But your friend is also moving to quickly. If she does not care of taking risks with this man thats fine for her. Everyone gets their wings burned.
    But for her child, that's not very good. She should maybe wait a little longer to see if this relationship she has is healthy and not get her chil emotionally involved too quickly. For his one personal wellbeing.

    • He was with his ex for 3 years so he can't think much of my friend, could he be using her as a rebound?

    • You know it takes a while to get over a past relationship and if the ex is pushing hard...
      It might be the case. You're friend should in any case takes thing camly in any case! This man has a complecated past relationship not quite ended..

  • You can let her know and why you think so.
    If she listens great if not say no more! Let her be.. She is not your responsibility

    • Do you agree he is a snake?

    • Show All
    • Do u think he could be using her as a rebound?

    • Not sure.. But it's possible

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