When you broke up with someone how did you feel after?

Do you think my ex feels guilt for breaking up with me? do you think he misses me at all?

The relationship did not end on a bad note. We both agreed to it but I hurt so badly. Do you think he does?


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  • guilt? no. missing you? most likely, but you still know the break up is the best for you in the long run.

    • I sort of hope my ex misses me. I don't want him to feel the pain I'm feeling but I hope he thinks of me sometimes

    • I;m sure he does. I recently went through a peaceful mutual break up due to distance, we promised no contact for like a year to make sure we were over it. it has been about a month, and I still think of her and I am sure she thinks of me too. I would love to know if she is thinking of me, but I just think back on our relationship and how I know she felt about me and us and know she still at least thinks about, even if she has maybe moved on some

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  • It felt really hard, it was devastating because the connection was strong but I got over it.

  • I don't feel guilt: after being the dumpee myslef, it's just a cruel world and the girl I might feel bad for either has already or will in the future dump some guy without feeling guilty, I've seen a lot of girls look like they're falling apart before opening their legs to some other guy incredibly quickly. I can't see women as fragile and deserving of more sympathy than guys.


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