My ex contacted me after a year?

My ex and I lived together for almost 3yrs. He broke up with me over a year ago. 3 month later he stared to date a new girl( I new she was trouble but I said nothing, not my place). He wanted to stay friend but she forced him to not talk to me, she also forced him to move in. From what his brother said she threatened to leave him if he didn't. To make a long story short she's a total shrew. Constant fight to the point cops where called.(he and I never fought, until he started to drink again the last 3 months we where together that's why it ended with him getting a dui). He left her 2mths ago. She called the cops and told them He vandalized her car. He stay with her while he was on house arrest. once that was done he left. She's still harassing him. She also cheated on him from day one, everyone saw her with other guys even my ex saw. Anyway we haven't talked in 9mths. I don't even wave to him in passing. Yesterday he told my daughter that he wanted to talk with me and asked her to ask me to call him. Why would he want to re-establish contact now after all this bad blood? "Our"(mine not his)children see him, not me, wasn't interested. I was the only relationship he ever had before her. Please some insight, before something arises where he makes a situation I have to talk to him.

He and I have started to text this past week. Mainly about my daughter and how she's doing. Last night we text for 45min. and we even talked for a few. I think we talk about her because it's a safe subject to start with. We even joke around a little.
I sent him a slightly flirty text using a pet name I had for him. He text back and we had a nice texting. He's not stupid, he knows why I'm texting him and using the special pet name. I'm not worried about the ex she's got the message loud and clear.


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  • lovey please don't offended I would stay right away from your ex for now intill his previous girlfreind gets the message loud and clear think of yourself my love understand that she might turn the trouble on ur doorstep you don't need you might think talking meeting will be best maybe later but not now take care


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