Is This breakup my fault?

Me and well not exactly officialy boyfirend were making love but i was facing a very stressful hard day and i was hopping i could relaxe with so i asked him to come me with love then he asked me to suck him i got mad and said "no bye". So i left, the reason was cause he always intends to being his satisfaction first and not mine entirley

anyways he got mad and i felt bad about it anyways so i made my apoligies to him but he said he is still leaving me 😢 ... i felt really about it and apoligised numerous times but he doesn't want me anymore...

This Is a seriouse Relationship not some booty call thing Just to clairify and he is vert polite and kind and i loved him a lot but i guess he doesn't care due to my attitude incident usually im Never like That but my life is so god damn stressful i Just couldnt help it.


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  • I wouldn't say it is your fault, you rejected a blow job and he dumped you for that. He has issues.


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