Ex called, spilled his heart to me?

I broke up very recently, due to a build up of doubts and no show of progress to move forward on my ex's side. I expressed my feelings several times and he didn't take them seriously and told me I was being irrational. This break up came as a shock even though I had brought up these issues before. My ex has no ambitions, I encouraged all his ideas and never told him he had to do/be anything specific, I just wanted him to have healthy interests, I was willing to take time, sit down and give him ideas on what he could do. We had 2 nasty arguments where he felt like I personally attacked him. His reaction devastated me because I only brought up my concerns because I wanted to work on our issues. He called me telling how much I meant to him, all the sweet talk and promises to grow and mature etc. Is it all sweet talk?


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  • no its not sweet talk.. its him realizing what you were to him... but, if you go back, he's gonna be the same guy he was before! I've always been told "if you break up, its for a reason, don't go back no matter how much you want to. There's someone out there better for you" and for me, its been proven true..


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