I wonder if he thinks about me as much as I think about him?

After a dramatic split between me and my ex boyfriend (He found a local girl) he still continued to talk to me even though he was with his new girl. The LAST time i heard from him, he said I was an amazing woman, im great, he misses me, misses the sex, etc. And after that he stopped talking to me completely. I've tried texting him several times and i got no response. Finally after a couple weeks of no response I cussed him out. i even told him 'consider this bridge finally burned' and left it at that. MY phone has been off I no longer have a phone. But there are times I wonder if he thinks of me as much as I think of him since I was so 'amazing' to him. I think he got caught by his girlfriend talking to me that he cut off communication. I mean im kind of sad about it because yeah me and him did have a little bit of history together. But then again there's a part of me that could careless anymore. I care, but i dont.


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  • Honestly, I'm sure he does think of you from time to time, but if he has another girl, then probably not TOO often. Like they say, the best way to get over some one is to get under some one else. Sorry...


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