Do you have an Ex that you find yourself coming back to years later?

Like even after you have dated others (not during hopefully!) or years later. I know I still- after 4 years, find myself coming back to my 'big ex', se dated for 2 years and lived together for a year. Just the other night I had a dream about her out of absolutly nowhere! and we are not friends on facebook or text or anything this whole time. she has been wiht a guy for years now, that I know of, and I have dated 2 other girls, one of which I really really cared for and dated for almsot a year (again, I was not pining for my ex while dating someone esle!)

Anyway, ever since this dream I keep going back to how well we were and how much I loved her and even today would take her back in a heartbeat- even if it was a dumb idea.

Anyone else feel that way?


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  • I am fortunate enough that I can't even think of my 2 exes, due to the how the relationships ended! My first ex cheated on me, and my second ex was a rebound (I was a rebound for her too), so it was doomed to fail.

    This was almost 5 years ago, and I haven't dated anyone since then. And I sure as hell don't find myself going back to my exes! :P


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