Can exes be friends?

So I don't want my ex back romantically but I miss having him in my life. Terribly. I spent the last 6 months literally everyday having some form of contact with him and now since the break up having zero contact hurts so badly. I'm mature enough to understand we weren't workng and he wanted to be single again. He asked if we could remain in touch but so far no word from him. I want to give it at least a month before I contact him ( he has a few of my things at his house) I honestly think we can be good friends if we work at it. How long should I wait to contact him? a month? When will the pain go away? :( I just want to be able to talk to him occasionally even if it's only once a week or once a month.


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  • if u both wanna be, nothing else stops u. honestly though, if it isn't happening, dont force it.


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  • I can't and don't want to be with any of mine

    • I can understand if your relationships ended badly but mine didn't. We both agreed to end it, although he started the convo.

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    • regardless if we stay in touch or not I need my things back from him lol. Yeah I figured he was only being nice.. guess time will tell.

    • I'm really sorry, I've been there. I had one I didn't ever get my stuff back but it was better that way not seeing or talking to her

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  • Number one why was it a break up?

    • He told me he believes we want different things from the relationship and we had different goals in life. I agreed, there were no mean words said at all. I love him I'm not going to lie but I can easily be his friend too. We started off as friends.

    • I say wait it out a little till you really have no love feelings for him it'll hurt you to see him flirt or be with someone else while your still feeling things towards him give yourself time. Then try the friend thing

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