Girls, There's a girl I really care about and her ex broke up with her and Is now visiting fri-mon what should I don't want to get hurt?

He broke up with her, and she bought a plane ticket to go see him last weekend but he said don't come on two separate occasions. He has days he's okay then he's a complete jerk to her. He randomly bought a plane ticket to come see her this week and he's stay Friday through Monday.
I just don't know what to do at this point, she likes me a lot; people say my advantages over him some say just wait it's just a lot of stress on her. We hug, flirt, kiss each other on the cheeks, and we had a little sexual act at her house last week. I obviously don't want to get hurt so what should I do, I see her daily.
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  • if you like her so much you dont want to be her rebound x


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