After someone broke up with you. have you ever been confident you'd get them back?

If so.. Did you ever get them back? how long did it last? Did they come back at all and you were over them? What happened?


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  • Nope. Never. Truth be told, as soon as they broke up with me, despite being heartbroken af and a complete emotional mess, I was incredibly relieved. They came back but I was having none of it. They cheated on me after what was a horribly toxic relationship.
    I can do better.


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  • Nope. I didn't want him back. Not after the way he broke up with me and then finding out that he was cheating anyway. No thank you.

  • Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.

  • I got broken up with recently but something makes me feel he could come back. Currently, in my sadness, I hope he does but I hope I can move on too. I have to warn you, sometimes I think I only feel confident that he could come back because I'm too heartbroken to consider the idea that he wouldn't. You might be going through the same thing here.
    Although I want him back, my course of action is to self improve and be his friend and hope for the best.
    If he doesn't want me back, by the time I realize it hopefully I'll be able to move on. I think it's a pretty good plan so maybe it would work for you too?


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