Ex was adamant about us being friends?

My ex and I broke up he broke up with me but then 3 weeks later said he regretted it and wanted to be with me but half of him was scared. When I told him he and I are completely done he was adamant about us being friends and said he liked hanging with me and talking to me. I'm not one to keep my exes around so I said no thanks I'm done and don't need to be your friend. He continues to text with " DID YOU PRANK ME YESTERDAY". (which I haven't even dialed that guys number for weeks) or he will call and one night text with ": I need your help" mind you I never ever respond to any. The next day he text with "thanks for being there for me when I needed you". He just keeps up. Its been a few weeks since he last text but just when I think he won't text or call again he does. What's up with this why why why does he keep up...MEN PLEASE


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  • He keeps it up because he's a d***head - ignore him, and eventually he'll find someone else to annoy.


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