Are these red flags and should I end it tonight?

I am about to "end" this tonight!

He's 29, I'm 26. This has been "up and down" since July then it came to halt (by myself) when he flaked on me a bit too much!

He admitted he had just got out of a long term relationship, had been hurt etc.. He pursued me again and again, saying we should give things another g, he said he was in a better place (she was his finance I found out on facebook) we met up a few times, it went well.

He's like give me another try I'll promise "this & that" - he went on holiday with fam last week, texting me all the time. Counting days to see me. Said we auks be more like boyfriend & girlfriend when he returns..

Had last weekend together. Then Sunday he went a bit MIA just little lies showing up, not making sense on reflection :(

Red flags:

- cancelled Last nights date (no re arrange) just told me to tell him when I'm free no call sorry etc
- Said he's busy this Saturday & Sunday thought I hadn't asked, he didn't say why
- Sound he still has a lot of pics of his fiancé on his fb page last night.. So does she.

why has he even bothered with me?

I'm calling him after he finishes work - saying I can't continue anything!


Most Helpful Guy

  • WHY DO WOMEN always emphasize the age first? Why did you state his age? WHY DO YOU BELIEVE IT MATTERS? Women seem to be attracted to older men.

    • Yeah I don't know was just trying to add details.

    • You definitely have a bias for older men and then older women complain when we think they look ugly.

    • What the hell are you talking about? No I don't

      It was a detail I added on a whim, how about read the other couple hundred words, the ones that matter!

Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds too messy. I'd let go. He doesn't seem over her. I don't see it ending well. He's halfway in and halfway stick with his fiance. You deserve better.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Well that's enough to consider calling for a serious talk or breaking up, talking about this before is always the best way cause you then can find reasons for rather being alone

  • Move on, too many guys out there without baggage. He will eventually get his $hit together and be ok but you don't have to be there for that.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds abit like your backup just my opinion


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