"I dont have feelings for you"?

My moms knows about my friends with benefits and she doenst like him at all. She doesn't like him because I spend a lot of time with him and I come home sometimes at 4 am.

My friends with benefits (Rick) asked me the other day. "Does your mom know about me?" I said Yes and she hates you.
He said why
I said "Cause Im always with you late at night
He said "So if it was anyone else and you were with them late at night she would dislike them too
I said "Yea"

Im not sure why he cares after he told me twice "YOUR NOT MY GF" or "I dont have feelings for you"(which was random I never brought up that talk or asked him)

I aksed him If you could be anywhere right now where would you be
He said "WIth you enjoying this moment, You?
I said" Out of the states
He said "You wouldn't be here"

Or when he asked me to hangout with him and I told him no but I hung out with this guy from work and he said "Thats it were not hanging out anymore after this
I said really why
He said "Cause its not fair I asked you plenty times to watch a movie with me but you can do it with him

Or when he aksed me "Who you like more me or john (my ex bf)?" I didn't answer he said "I got my answer"" You like him and your just waiting for him to come back"

I hate When he does crap like this it pisses me off cause "IM NOT HIS GF"(as he keeps reminding me) so WHY should I invest in him when were not a couple.


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  • You both obviously have feelings for each other and are afraid to admit it. One of you should act like a man and take charge of straightening out this situation.


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  • He wants you there but he doesn't, reels you in drops you later. Compliments to keep you keen but wants nothing more than sex, simple

  • I think he secretly has feelings for you and is afraid to express himself in case you reject him or he could be just a possessive person.


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