Have I ruined my chances of being with him again? I was drama in the end, came off crazy/desperate :( what would you guys do in this situation?

i said something one weekend out fear, and thoughtlessness. i said something i didn't mean, and blamed him for how i was feeling. i told him that it might be time i let him go, and that it was his right to date others. apparently my over thinking, and this back and forth (saying something, and taking it back) was drama. anyway, I told him that i'd give him as much space as he needed.. i said to him "how about i call/text once a week, simple enough?" and he responded "how about we not set limits, keep it simple" then i told him that i missed him a few days later, no repsonse. we've only known each other for about 4 months, and didn't see each other all that much, hardly at all. but he was always texting me throughout the day, or call me most nights. i started doubting his feelings for me, which lead me to overthink, and the whole negative thoughts started happening. i was afraid of losing him, then i lost him. anyway, it's been a few months now, and i still have not heard from him, he doesn't respond to my text i send here and there. i went no contact twice. i tried calling and nothing. i made an attempt to message him on whatsapp, and then i get blocked (first time messaging him on there) i just don't get it. what happened? things were so great with us, it was going well. but out of my own fear, and being scared of my feelings, i wanted to run so i don't get hurt. i tried to distance myself once and he pulled me back as i told him i was getting more attached to him every day. he talked me out of it. then after spending a wonderful day with him on a road trip, i came home and told him i'm taking a vacation from him. he said "again?" i said "what do you mean again? i havne't taken any yet" he responded "you keep trying..." at first, i thought he was just telling me to keep trying. i realized he wasn't telling me, he was saying it in a way that seems to mean i keep trying to get away from him. i also told him that i needed to be more seletive of who i let in. huge mi
he also said to me that i was rejecting him. i never once asked him how i was making him feel rejected. i want another chance with him... but i don't know if i have permanently ruined my chances
oh, i did try to explain to him why i did that. i even told him from the beginning that i tend to push people away when i start to have feelings for them, of if they have feelings for me. he even asked if he was wasting his time... which i assured him he wasn't. i made so many mistakes that i regret so much!


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  • well i've been there, fear of losing her made so desperate to be with her, she never saw how much i valued her and how much i care about her but she saw only her friends , her life and just her point of view, i think i realized that the person once i knew was not in her anymore and i am hurting myself hanging on to them and so i moved on , never had chance to say goodbye to her, coz i didn't know the last time i saw her will be the last time i will see her around and even at the time i tired to help her with something she couldn't by herself, that's fate and you can't change it and have to accept it


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  • If you are contacting him, it means your not applying the no contact. You need to stick to it and see if he makes a move. If you keep chasing him, you're shooting yourself in the foot.
    So if you want him back, do the opposite: don't initiate contact. If he texts back, don't answer all his texts, and when you answer wait a little so he wonders " why the hell she's not responding? she does not care? I thought I had her in my pocket so easily".

    Look up coach corey wayne on youtube he helped me a lot since I was dumped PLUS a rebound. And now we are sort of starting something new..


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  • You know your course :( it's sad but darling you have to move on


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