Should I Move On?

"There was a guy who chatted to me on Facebook. I met him through a mutual friend and all went smoothly. One day we met and had a good bonding together, although I felt shy. At first I thought he was really 'The One'. He treated me like a princess, gave me red rose, a bible, books, accessories & etc. We went to a restaurant, (I never been before) and he took me to mountain view. He even dropped me at home. I never knew what dating was because I never had boyfriend, only puppy love. Yet he always texts me and calls me everyday. Then suddenly, SWU medical school was soon to be closed to foreigners and he needed to transfer to other place. We met before he left. I was not feeling well at that time because of family issues (divorce) & so I ran after him. I cried in his arms and hugged him. It hurts too because I know he will be gone too soon. Later on, when he was already in other place we are still having our communications, but soon it becomes minimal. He met new people there & new environment. He became suddenly unavailable and kept telling me he is busy. I always try to understand because his course is not at all easy. Later on, he prioritized his friends over me. He forgot our special days together and the time I surprised him on his birthday. I posted to his timeline but he wants me to remove it. I feel unappreciated and rejected. I love this guy so much, but it seems like I already forgot to love myself. Things have changed unexpectedly from what they were before. My gut has been telling me there is something wrong. It may be he has already found someone else. I really don't know because he won't tell me. I am confused.


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  • I am sorry to say, but he clearly isn't interested anymore. I think you are wasting your time with him, and you should move on.


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  • Don't run after him. I know it is hard, but running after someone will not bring them back to you but on the contrary it will push them further away.

    Ever heard on the no contact rule/ no initiate contact?
    Look up coach corey wayne on youtube and you'll get a lot of help from his videos as I did.


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