Boyfriend wants to break it off and stay friends but I don't want to is there a chance?

First of all we been together 2 years and he's 23 im 27. We've done a lot together we planned to move to australia together in the future we both love each other a lot.

He's never been the best at showing it and I used to nag him about it. We've had little breakups in arguments but one of us always comes back cuz we know we can't give up on each other.

Last week though my boyfriend was working late and made dinner plans with me and cancelled them last minute so I said to forget the whole evening. He said i wasn't understanding and ignored me for a bit. Then he text me saying I dunno what you want from me now. I've tried to make you happy but I can't obviously. It all went from there he was being reli cold I started apologising for dinner and how I acted but he started saying it's not gonna work then when I said just come see me and dump me he said he's not and it's all in my head. Few days of NC went by then he's saying it's over. I said to him please give this another chance you mean so much I will get better stop being clingy and hard work I realise my faults. He said its not enough and not sure he wants it but doesn't wanna cut me out his life completely which I dont get. Although he said the 2 years meant loads and they've made him happy.

We're meant to meet up today but I really wanna win him back? Is there any way how should i act?


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  • Tell him that you're not interested in being friends, but that if he changes his mind about the break up he can contact you.

    Leave it at that.

  • Just take the break up with grace. It's gonna suck but again it's a break up they always do suck.


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