Should I give my ex girlfriend another shot after she recently dumbed her new ex?

hould i rebuild a relationship with my ex or should i skip this.

My ex and i had a relationship sinds last year April and it was a gold relationship. It was lr but we handeled it with no problemen. In februari thuis year, she told me that her personal life was a disaster and couldn't be in a relationship right now. She did tell me that i could ask her hand in marriage after a year andere a half or so. But i had my doubts and parted was after that.

I found out that she had a new boyfriend after a month and it lasted for a month. Having kissed but not sex.

3 months later may, she starts messaging me again. Saying that she misses me and was a moroun to leave me saying i was irreplacable and that i always was there for her when she needed me. She begged me for another shot i, without much hesitation, gave it to her. A few days after reconsilation, she tells me that her parents are going to force her into marriage with someone and that she was scared and had no one else to talk to. I told her not tot worry and spended 2 months trying to talk to her parents, trying tot convince and fight for her hand. One day, when she finally won the battle and her parents refused tot give her to him, on condition that she stops talking to me aswell. Which she took and i respected it. Zo we had no contact for a month until i spoke to her with a friends phone. She tild me that she misses me too and promised that she would not give up on me nut after 3 days, when i started talking to her again, she told me that her feelings were fading and that she doesn't have the time to be in a relationship. I've alsof found out that after she broke up with me, that she had a new boyfriend for 3 or 4 weeks and broke up not a week before reconsilation. She hadn't even have 1 date with him so i don't think anything happened

Bit since 4 days ago, she started talking to me again. Stater clearly that she misses me and thought of me every day. She told me that she never before recieved love like mine, not even from her parents etc. She wanted another shot and i gave it to her 2 days ago.

but now i fear that her feelings will fade again and that i dont want to het friendzoned iff i reduceren the attention i give her. Zo please i need advise because i dont want to lose her.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You've lost her once, if you give her another try, you'll lose her again. Stay clear of her. Find someone new. Or work on your grammar. It's really bad for someone 18-24
    Good luck.

    • My bad, autocorrection is also on Dutch so haha

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  • Give her a new chance, really.
    There are circumstances in our lives we cannot control and those stir up our emotions and confuse us.

    She must have been fighting with herself, and apparently she feels guilty, and just considering that she felt guilty means that she has something like a good conscience..
    She has also told you more than once that she has feelings for you, which are genuine I believe, since she kept these while she wasn't with you...

    Her urge for love must have been very strong too, but she couldn't show this to you, so she picked another guy out of desperation- she needed her emotions to go somewhere

    Life is too short to not give new chances... Consider how well you got along...
    Please give her a new chance... ...

    • Sometimes people act impulsively and let their emotions overwhelm them, without thinking clearly and looking ahead

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    • She gold me that she lost feelings, went into a non-serious relationship with a guy for 3 weeks. And after they broke up, 2 days later she starts talking to me again saying stuff Luke never have i ever recieved love Luke tours etc.

    • :/ I'm afraid I can't give any more advice, since I'm not familiar with everything that happened exactly.

      If she really lost feelings there is not much you can do. I am very sorry

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