Should I talk to her again?

My ex doesn't wanna leave alone, she keeps stalking me on social media, I broke up with her nicely then she came back, I told her before that I want her to leave me alone, she said okay but then she came back and dm me "happy weekend" I said thanks, then she asked me about how my life is going, I talked to her in a very formal way because I know she wanted me to tell her that my life sucks without her and I love her, but when she didn't get what she wants she said "I don't love you enjoy your real love" she means my girlfriend by real love, I told her" then don't fuck around" then she tweeted " disrespectful people are thankless... Etc" then she told that she won't talk to me anymore,
When we were together she never cared about me, she was fucking using me, she didn't love me she just wanted to have me, She take more than she gives, all I wanna do now is to shoot her down!!!


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  • dear
    shoot down Is not a legal but forget about her and block her from your life that's legal
    the more you give a chance to talk to her the more she'll motivate you to notice that she's around
    Denying her existence is best way to shoot her down

    Good luck...

  • Talk to her casually, see how things go.


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