Why is my ex trying so hard to be friends with me?

My ex girlfriend brokeup with me 3 weeks ago.. and I've made so many mistakes in talking to her/trying to get her back.. then on Monday she texted me saying "we shouldn't talk as much and we need space" then I gave her that space.. I didn't text her at all yesterday.. then last night she texted me a long ass paragraph saying how the space was so good and that she felt comfortable texting me and she wants to build a whole new friendship.. and all this stuff.. like I've had people breakup with me in the past.. but never had someone try so hard in wanting to be friends... I don't understand? does she want to be friends so she can get over me faster? does she still have feelings for me? does she not want me to move on? does she want me to stay under her spell? it's weird, because I was just starting to talk to other girls and a few of them I connected with so well... so it's so confusing


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  • Still wants to be in your life

    • As a friend or more? like do you think she wants to "rebuild the connection/friendship" as a chance of maybe potentially dating again? sadly.. the last few weeks I haven't given her a reason to give me a 2nd chance because I've been acting needy/clingy which is why we broke up in the first place... but I'm not sure if she thinks we could become a great friendship or if we could get back together one day... or do you think she's trying to give me a chance to get the spark back?

    • That's the only way you will know.

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  • going through the same thing bro. she broke up with me 2 days ago, we had an argument , she was very disrespectful towards my feelings and my posessions, throwing my jacket out, etc.. i left feeling really depressed, all because i just wanted to have a talk to her. but there hasn't been a day since then that we haven't texted with each other. im trying to stay more on the background, she wants to meet up, yesterday would have been the day but she couldnt make it, so she mad a new appointment with me for this Friday. she told me she wants to be friends, i dont know why she so desperately wants to see me then. and if she wants to be friends , i ask her what she expects from my friendship, to be a clown like some of her friends who only drink and louzy friends or if she wants a real friend , because that real friend, well thats the one she dumped over nothing. i wasn't just in love with her, i also did a lot of stuff for her, and her daughter. stuff her louzy friends didn't do. so anyway, ill wait and see. i ll text her tonight and thats it. tomorrow she can inniate or not. instead of texting her all day, creating uncomfortable conversations i rather be on her mind when she goes to bed. its hard not replying to her text all day, it sucks. but 2 more hours and i made it.

    • Women are so confusing man... I wish I would have handled this like how you are from the start... we've been broken up for 3 weeks almost a month on Monday... I've done so much stupid things.. from being clingy/needy to asking about the past and future possibilities... and for some reason she still wants to be my friend.. I'm surprised I haven't scared her away yet... I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad sign.. I would LOVE one more chance with her... but I have no idea at this point

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    • Mine just gave me a short answer i have been following a detox course from her. She wanted to see results. I texted her that she can see Friday. She was short. Then i asked her hiw her day was. She said. i tell you Friday. hmmm ok. Seems upset. Lame answer

    • Women are so confusing... my ex is saying we should only talk every once in awhile.. that makes sense.. cause i DON'T think it would be healthy to talk every day right now.. either

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  • Sounds like she's confused about what she wants

    • What do you think it is? does she want me to keep bothering her so she can get over me? I mean most ex's.. if you bug them the first 2-3 weeks after a breakup.. they'll literally want NOTHING to do with you

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  • She probably misses you and is lonely.

    • For now on.. I only let her initiate the convo... I don't text her or anything first... she broke up with me.. so if she wants to talk... she can talk to me first

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