How can I get him back?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago. We've been together for a long time and we lived together. I know him pretty well and i know he means it when he says he loves me. I love him too and i want us to try again. He says he sees us together in future but for now he wants a breakup. We had problems communicating after being apart for 3 months and after that we never went back to normal. i started being too needy and too clingy and he got more distant. I realize it now and we both know we were amazing together before. How do i make him realize that i am ready for the change and we can be happy together again. We hang out almost everyday to get food and see each other. We also text through out the day. I hate not being together and we both are crying and sad over the break up. But he still wants the break up because of all the pressure and stress he was under for the past 4 months (3 months of being apart in summer and the past month of trying to fix everything). I love him so much and i can't wait anymore. I want him back as soon as possible and i dont know how to do it. What do you think guys? What should i do?


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  • You AREN'T ready for change.

    Take time away from him. And by time, I mean several months. Think of some areas for self-improvement, then write down goals and actually better yourself.

    Once you've actually made changes and are actually past the breakup, then you can resume contact. Because if you get back together now, nothing will have changed, and you'll break up again. Guaranteed.


Most Helpful Girl

  • First, ask him if there is ever a chance you will get back together.
    If he says yes, ensure it's not just to keep you "on the loop" and that he actually means it, you don't want to be hanging around forever. Wait a month tops and then move onto next advise.
    If he says no, stop hanging out with him. You will never get over him while you see him or talk to him everyday. This just keeps you thinking about him and aware of him. If it's not going to work out, you need to move on and there is no way you can move on while still being friends or talking to him.


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  • (He says he sees us together in future but for now he wants a breakup)
    what was that?
    call of duty?
    you can't be back up plan for someone else

  • Don't settle for ex's


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