Ex girlfriends weird behaviour?

Will try to make this short. Knew her for 2 years. Was with her for 5 months, lived together for 3. Relationship escalated quickm fell in love with each other quickly. Everything was going great then she cheated 3 months into the relationship. I decided to not leave after her begging me to stay. She started proving herself through actions etc. Things were good for 2 months.. one day at work I was having a bad day and started thinking about her cheating. I said some mean things and we got into an argument when I got home. She ended ujp leaving for her friends house, came back that night, said she needed space.. which really meant she was talking to her ex again (saw it in her phone).. she left that night for his place and has been with him ever since. Now... the behaviour. Next day she said she thought she was pregnant, sent me a pic of a test that looked positive but looked like it was drawn on with a marker. She was blowing me up every day, asking me what I was doing constanty.. Telling me she still wanted me, that she loved me. She was FREAKING out thinking I was hanging out with another girl... etc.. This went on for 2 weeks. Soo... 4 days ago, She texts me in the morning, I was tired of the crap and basically told her to forget about me, that I'm not going to allow her to string me along while she's with her ex... Since then I've texted her about us exchanging our items we have.. She has a lot of things at my place still... clothes, shoes, doftball gear, etc.. she hasn't responded to me at all since I've said that to her. Part of me thinks she is keeping her things here as a way to stay connected to mne but I don't know... What do you guys think?
Girls? Need opinions.


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  • Yeah she definitely would come get her dorfball gear if she wasn't into you


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