Why would your ex do this? Right in front of me?

Ok this happened about a month ago but it still bothers me. Me and my ex work together. I know not the best idea to begin with. Well about two months after we broke up we get a new little twitt in our department for 1/2 a day little lazy ass couldn't even work a whole day. We he stood over there for 2 to 3 hours of the the 4 hours she worked talking to her and kissing her ass. Well come to find out and he knew this before hand she is a herion attack or recovering attack and lives in a halfway house. I told him he has a good woman and just throws her to the side and says let me find a dirt nasty woman. Instead of one that works, never been in trouble, and pays all my fucking bills
. takes care of myself. What the fuck do me want? And by the way this chic looked horrible and I'm not being vain but I am a good looking girl and don't have needle marks all over me. Just saying.

Maybe I should say goodbye to obviously a sorry excuse for a man.


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  • He might have a history of liking nasty women so it's a turn to him. Nothing you can do about that but let it be.

    • Thanks. It just a confusing concept to me. Others I have talked to about the break up said the same thing. I just don't understand why a "man" would put everything on the line for something like that. Considering he's a manager too. But he does have a history of those type of women. I understand but dont understand the logic.

What Girls Said 1

  • Let him live his life and stop focusing on his


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